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Daily Menu

Menu for Thursday, September 29th:

hamburger steak

with grilled onions and gravy

cajun chicken pasta bake

chicken breast with andouille, bell pepper, onions, and cajun cream sauce

spicy pork chop

boneless pork ribeye with sriracha seasonings

mashed potatoes

hand mashed with cream and butter

black-eyed peas

slow cooked with pork, onions, and garlic

mashed sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes baked to draw out their natural sweetness and mashed with butter and seasoning

collard greens

cooked to perfection with onion in our chicken stock, cider vinegar, and red chili peppers

macaroni and cheese

creamy, cheesy macaroni with a sharp cheddar topping

fried green tomatoes

made with buttermilk and dill and coated in a mixture of cornmeal and panko to form a crisp, outer layer.  Served with caper remoulade.

green beans

fresh green beans sauteed with red onion and basil

broccoli casserole

broccoli, cheese, and a crisp panko topping

fried pickled okra

coated in dill, buttermilk, and a cornmeal/panko mixture.  Served with buttermilk ranch dipping sauce.

butternut squash

sauteed with brown butter and fried sage


served with homemade apple butter

free with meat and veg

Relish Cafe in Hoover, Alabama offers an array of cafe, catering, and private chef services. We serve sumptuous food prepared with high quality, fresh ingredients. Our aim is to give our customers a different dining experience. We accomplish this by putting a new spin on traditional southern menus. Be assured that our staff will treat you with courtesy and professionalism. Great food and great service is what Relish Cafe is all about!

Proudly serving Hoover, Alabama and surrounding areas.

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Bryan M.
“Don't let the fact that Relish Cafe is inside of a gun range deter you away because you will be missing out on a real treat. The Banana Pudding is a must!”